How will it work?

The NUDM will be anchored by the Centre for Digital Governance (CDG) at the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA). 

The NIUA is India’s leading national think tank on urban planning and development. Established in 1976, NIUA was tasked to bridge the gap between research and practice on issues related to urbanization, and suggest ways and mechanisms to address urban challenges in the country.  

CDG’s approach is built on a foundation of Design, Architecture, Enterprise and Ecosystem Thinking 

Created with a vision to improve service delivery, build accountability and transform governance, CDG works with stakeholders across the quadruple helix to  facilitate collaborations among  diverse skill sets and accelerate  adoption of digital urban governance. The approach is centred on anchoring support in  a manner that is responsive and customized to specific needs of each city or town.

Shri Hitesh Vaidya

Message from Director NIUA

The launch of the National Urban Digital Mission is a momentous occasion for NIUA. NUDM envisions our cities and towns taking a bold and giant stride forward through the power of ecosystem partnerships. I invite all our partners and stakeholders in urban India to join us on this aspirational journey to unleash the potential of urban India.

Components of Practice

Initiatives Components
  • Programs & Schemes
  • Standards & Assessments
  • Mentoring & Advisory
  • Program Steering Committee
  • National Reference Platforms
  • Reference Applications
  • Technology & Infrastructure Components
  • Reference Data
  • Digital Sandbox
  • State & City Engagement
  • Academia  Engagements
  • Industry Affiliations
  • Startup  Engagements
  • Empanelment of Service Providers
  • Mission-linked Capacity Building
  • Telemetry & Analytics
  • Content Aggregation & Curation
  • Taxonomy & Tagging
  • Interaction & Collaboration
  • Assessment & Certificate
  • Data & Analytics
  • Evidence-based policy
  • Knowledge Products
  • Impact Assessment
  • Adoption & Usage
  • Peer-to-Peer Collaboration
  • Best Practice Sharing
  • Awards Recognition
  • Events & Challenges 

Mission Governance

The Governance of NUDM will be organised at 3 levels:

  • Apex Committee: As the administrative committee of the Ministry to track scheme progress and governance, this body will be chaired by the Secretary, MoHUA
  • Technical Task Force: As the technical committee to review the building of the shared digital infrastructure and make recommendations, this body will be chaired by an eminent technology expert
  • Program Steering Committees: CDG will constitute a program steering committee for each of the various programs to be operationalised under NUDM