NUDM is the continuation of a series of engagements between government, industry, academia, and civil society organisations, on how to leverage technology in service of urban India. In October 2018, the idea of a National Urban Innovation Stack was conceived at a multi-sectoral design thinking workshop. A working group of workshop participants, under the leadership of the Smart Cities Mission, translated this into the National Urban Innovation Stack strategy and approach, which was published for public comment on 27th January, 2019.

Building on the NUIS Strategy and Approach, a number of expert consultations and workshops were conducted in March, April, and May 2019. A set of program and technical Implementation Guidelines were drafted in June 2020, and once again opened for public consultation. Dedicated webinars and calls to garner feedback were conducted, in partnership with NASSCOM and Civic Innovation Foundation. In parallel, discussions were also being conducted with relevant teams at MEITY, and with an expert Technical Advisory Committee, with representation from government, multilateral organisations, and academia.

Feedback received from all of these channels has been used to refine both the NUIS Digital Blueprint and the design of the Citizen-Centric Smart Governance Program.

Citizen Centric Smart Governance (CCSG) Program Consultation

The CCSG is one of the core program being developed to operationalise the NUDM vision. The CCSG program designed the Technical Implementation Guidelines (TIG) to help states identify ways to leverage the platforms, applications and other support provided by the program in order to improve urban governance in their cities.  For this purpose, CDG-NIUA and Civic Innovation Foundation (Civis) conducted extensive consultations on the TIG with academic leaders, citizen leaders, Consulting Firms, Government, Industry Leaders. Challenges of State’s Capacity constraints have been raised while additional information on the platform architecture has also been sought during these consultations.

Please find the TIG Feedback Summary here, and the TIG ver 2.0 document.

TIG - Feedback Summary

States responsive to CCSG Program

National Urban Learning Platform (NULP) Consultation

A working group of participants from the ecosystem,  under the leadership of the Mission, translated the intent of creating a demand driven societal platform for capacity building into the foundation of National Urban Learning Platform from March 2019-20

In 2020, a City Preparedness Survey was conducted with 16 Smart cities selected as pioneer cities for the program. The survey was designed to understand the preparedness of the selected cities for adopting a digital learning platform like NULP. Additionally, 6 curated consultations were conducted with thought leaders from academia, not-for profits, startups, and cities on Leadership Development for Urban Mobility as a thematic area on NULP. More recently a stakeholder convening was conducted with 40+ senior partners to define NULP scalability and sustainability roadmap. Insights received from all stakeholder consultations have been pivotal in helping NULP build sustainable pathways for learning in Urban India!

Please find the City Preparedness Survey Report here.

Cities engaged during City Prepared Survey

NUDM Consultation

Coming Soon

CDG will consolidate all insights into a broader NUDM Concept Note. In keeping with the ecosystem-driven practice of this initiative, this NUDM consultation paper will be published for feedback.

The mission will continue engaging with ecosystem actors and strive to:

  • Listen to the voice of citizens to prioritize their needs
  • Join hands with all stakeholders to unlock value together
  • Ensure that citizens receive the highest quality of services

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